Psalm 119:97-104

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Every verse starts with the Hebrew letter mem.

The psalmist loved YHWH’s law, indicating that he appreciated its inestimable value as his trustworthy guide. “All day” this law was the object of his meditation. There never was a time when he failed to take it into consideration.

Because of faithfully adhering to God’s commandment, the psalmist made good decisions respecting his conduct. The law made him wiser than his enemies, for they refused to follow it and pursued paths that would eventually lead to their ruin. He valued YHWH’s commandment as his treasured possession for all time to come. According to the Septuagint rendering, God, by his commandment, made the psalmist wiser than his enemies.

The psalmist’s understanding, discernment, or insight exceeded that of all his teachers combined. He attributed this to his meditation on God’s testimonies or solemn charges, his never neglecting to think about them.

Elders were looked to for their wisdom gained through years of experience. The psalmist, however, surpassed them in understanding. What set him apart from them was his faithful observance of God’s precepts.

He held back his “feet” from every bad way, refusing to follow any course he recognized to be divinely disapproved. His aim was to observe God’s “word” or to harmonize his conduct with God’s commands and will.

As one whom the Most High had taught, the psalmist did not turn aside from his judgments. He did not stray from the paths YHWH had revealed to be right or just.

The psalmist considered God’s words or his directives to be delightful, as something sweet to the taste. They were like honey in his mouth or highly palatable.

Through God’s precepts, the psalmist had acquired understanding. They gave him the needed insight to conduct himself wisely and to have a proper hatred of every false, deceitful or “unjust” (LXX) way.