Jesus Returns to Galilee and Teaches His Disciples (Matthew 17:22, 23; Mark 9:30-32; Luke 9:43-45)

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All who had observed what Jesus did in the area of Caesarea Philippi were filled with amazement. (Luke 9:43) None of the accounts, however, provide any specifics about any miracles other than the one involving the epileptic boy. Moreover, no direct mention is made of Jesus’ departure with his disciples.

After having returned to Galilee, he again told his disciples what lay ahead for him. He would be arrested (literally, “delivered into the hands of men”) and killed but would rise on the third day. Although there was nothing ambiguous about Jesus’ words, the disciples could not bring themselves to accept their plain meaning. They found it impossible to believe that he would suffer and die, for this did not agree with their messianic expectations. (Matthew 17:22, 23; Mark 9:30-32; Luke 9:44) As Luke 9:45 indicates, the meaning of Jesus’ words was hidden from the disciples, preventing them from perceiving their full significance.

Still, they were apprehensive about asking him about his comments, perhaps feeling that they should have understood what he meant. (Mark 9:32) At the same time, the disturbing nature of his remarks did grieve them greatly. (Matthew 17:23)

Jesus wanted them to understand. According to Luke 9:44, he requested that his disciples “put” his words into their ears or listen attentively.