Return to Judea, Departure from Bethany, and Continued Activity

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According to Luke 17:11, Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. As the subsequent chapters indicate, this was his final trip to the city and culminated in the completion of his earthly ministry. The events related in John 11:1-54 preceded that trip, for the account of Jesus’ final activity in and around Jerusalem begins with John 12:1. Intervening events after Jesus’ arrival and departure from Bethany are narrated in Matthew 19:1-20:34; Mark 10:1-52; Luke 17:11-19:28.

It appears that Jesus’ disciples and close friends were familiar with the general area where he could be found if they needed to get in touch with him. This is suggested by the fact that Mary and Martha were able to get word to him about their brother Lazarus. (John 11:3)