Jesus’ Activity After Leaving Jerusalem (Luke 13:23-17:10; John 10:40-42)

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With his disciples, Jesus left Jerusalem and crossed to the east side of the Jordan, heading for the location where John the Baptist first started his activity. (John 10:40) During the time Jesus was there, many people came to him. They acknowledged that, although John the Baptist did not perform a single sign, everything he had said about Jesus was true. Therefore, many of the people there believed in Jesus. (John 10:41, 42)

Seemingly, Luke 13:23-17:10 relates to the time intervening between his leaving Jerusalem and his return to Bethany after the news about the death of Lazarus was brought to him. (John 11:1-3) According to Luke 13:22, Jesus was heading for Jerusalem. Then, in Luke 17:11, mention is made of his again going to Jerusalem. In the narration that follows Luke 13:22, no comments are included about what happened in Jerusalem, suggesting that the account does not relate anything concerning Jesus’ activity in the city. Only John 10 tells about Jesus’ being in Jerusalem for the Festival of Dedication, and this appears to have been the reason for his going to the city, as mentioned in Luke 13:22.